We have written this guide so that customers may fully understand what is entailed when they undertake converting a Pitbike for Road Use.

It Is Not the intention of STOMP WPB THUMPSTAR or DEMON to sell bikes for Road use, however a customer may choose to register their bike for road use themselves. We also strongly recommend that Off Road Riders also register their Off Road Bike Voluntarily with the DVLA, Please contact us for more details. Customers may prepare a suitable Pitbike to be registered as an ENDURO class bike with the DVLA. WPB are based in Swansea and we have close proximity to the DVLA also in Swansea.

We have assisted many customer with registrations. We know from experience that registering a Pit Bike as Road Legal can be a frustrating process, yet again it may also be easy, it all depends on how well you prepare your documentation we can assist here, our Admin fee is only £30

Consumer Advice

Please Note there are Third Party sellers on EBAY etc currently offering so called Road Legal

Stomp WPB Thumpstar and Demon bikes for sale.

WPB STOMP THUMPSTAR and DEMON DO NOT APPROVE or ENDORSE these SELLERS These sellers DO NOT have authorization to produce the LEGAL registration documentation required. A CRF50 style bike is NOT eligible for Enduro class registration as it will never meet the 900mm minimum required seat height, these sellers are WRONGLY claiming to be able to register CRF50 style bikes as Enduros. A CRF70 and CRF110 style bike may be eligible for Enduro class registration only if additional modifications are made, these sellers are NOT making these modifications. The Selling of Bikes with engines fitted that do not match the registration documentation is illegal. A bike purchased from such a seller is almost certainly likely to have documentation and specification that will invalidate the insurance. It is for this reason we must advise and protect the consumer and our WPB STOMP and DEMON Brands


DISCLAIMERAll Pitbikes Sold by WELSH PIT BIKES are OFF ROAD MOTORBIKES and are NOT TOYS.They are NOT sold for or warranted for any ROAD USE.Any conversion of a PitBike to Road Use is a Customer conversion and the customer is entirely responsible for the conversion process and to ensure that the bike is Fit for this New Purpose. In effect the customers have created a new road vehicle themselves.
WPB will not accept any responsibility for damages or injury caused as a result of a customer converting any off road bike to road use. This responsibility falls upon the Owner, the MOT assessors and the Enduro class registration inspectors.
All Bikes (including pedal cycles) sold are to be used under Qualified Adult Supervision in Areas designated for the safe and legal use of these off road sporting and competition goods. All Bikes must be assembled by a suitably qualified adult and must not be signed off as correctly assembled and fit for purpose by any person under 18 years of age. We strongly recommend only the participation in recognised sporting and competitive events with a correctly prepared and maintained bike.


The DVLA allow ALL OUR Off Road bikes, of all shapes and sizes, to be Registered on the DVLA Database.
You will be assigned a Q plate which you may chose to display on your off road bike.This plate does NOT entitle you to ride ON ROAD
The DVLA Database and Registration is used by the Police to confirm that your Off Road bike is registered in your name should you be found to be riding on private land the Police can be satisfied that the bike is NOT stolen, and legally registered to you. This helps ensure that your bike remains in your possession whilst any legal issue as to the nature of your off road riding is clarified with the police. This helps saves police time and resources and helps prevents the need for the police to impound your bike. We welcome this Voluntary DVLA Registration of OFF ROAD Bikes and STRONGLY RECOMMEND You register you bike.
Once your OFF Road Registration is complete and your bike is eligible for the ENDURO Class exemptions, you may prepare your bike for a road use registration. This is when you formally apply with an MOT and Insurance and certificate of Newness to get an age related Registration plate for use on Road. Your MOT may be classed full use or restricted to day use. The MOT for Day use requires no lights and is the easiest to obtain.
We Have an administrative Charge of £30 to prepare documentation to assist you in your application of an off Road registration and a £30 administrative charge for the issue of a Certificate of Newness.

£30 Admin Charge for WPB to assist with your DVLA Road Registration

£30 Admin Charge for WPB to assist with your Voluntary DVLA OFF ROAD Registration (Not for Road use)