Updated 19th June 2021

WPB 160 Race , Thumpstar 125, 140 and 190cc bikes are now being dispatched. Look out for your email update over this weekend with details of your delivery next week.

After another extremely busy week at WPB, we have dispatched a large number of WPB 125 Race bikes today, meaning customers will get their bikes this Friday and Monday subject to the courier capacity to deliver on time.

You will be updated by email regards your delivery status.

WPB 160 Race and Thumpstar Bikes will be dispatched Friday 11th June Onwards.

We apologise for any downtime as we are in the process of moving from one Website to another, the plan is to completely update the wpbracing.co.uk site and during which time we introduce you to our new site wpbparts.com

Updated 4th June 2021

We apologise for the extended delivery time for the WPB 125 Race , 160 Race, 190 Beast and Thumpstar range of bikes. We are working flat out to get these bikes delivered as soon as we possibly can to all our Preorder customers. Please bare with us for now.

All WPB 140 Race bikes should now have been delivered.

Updated 2nd June 2021

The Preorder delivery process is as follows

1 we will call you to confirm that you still want your preorder and that you will be available to take delivery, we will advise you that a delivery is within the following few days.

2 we will update your Paypal or email to show that the delivery is now in process with an estimated delivery date which is to be confirmed by the courier

3 we will forward you a confirmed tracking advice from the courier as soon as this becomes available

4 please do no call requesting this tracking as it will be sent as soon as it becomes available

5 the couriers will also have your contact telephone number should they wish to confirm the delivery with you.

We thank you for your understanding during this very busy period.

Updated 1st June 2021

The WPB Race 140 bikes arrived at the end of May, the majority of pre order customers have now been contacted to book their delivery slots commencing this week June 1st

We are now expecting to commence booking delivery slots for WPB 125 Race , WPB 160 Race and WPB 190 Beast customers. Also Thumpstar bikes will be arriving this week. Please await your call from us to confirm your preorder and an update on dispatch. Please allow us to work through the considerable preorder list we have and understand that we cannot send all preorder bikes out in one day as this is beyond the courier capacity.