Only Genuine Original parts... no copies

WHY you Should Buy only GENUINE WPB, STOMP, THUMPSTAR and DEMON Parts....

We guarantee all our parts will fit your bike correctly, they are 100% compatible with all our brands of Bikes within the WPB Group. There are many sellers on ebay both within the UK and beyond. How can the FAKE copy parts sellers know what we fit to all our many different bikes. Parts may look the same but we assure you that they are NOT, many a customer has come to us after having been messed about with FAKE copy parts that DO NOT FIT. For Example Our RACE Engineers use Specific CDI settings for our engines. There are also many different types of 110cc 120cc and 125cc engine, meaning you have to have CORRECT GENUINE PARTS. Please give us a call to Confirm your parts order.

Why wait months for FAKE copy parts from HONG KONG and ASIA that are sold on ebay, amazon, wish and other auction sites, then to be messed about when they finally arrive and they are the wrong parts for your bike or simply FAKE poor quality copies.