What are Pitbikes ?

Pitbikes or Pit Bikes have been around a long time, the origins being simply small motorbikes aimed at younger riders. However these bikes were also to become popular amongst adults. Who can blame them !

The term Pitbike applied to the use of bikes or motorcycles to navigate event staging areas such as Car Races and between the Pits of Large Race tracks and used for travel between the Pit Stops.  A WPB Pit Bike has been seen at quite a Few Pitstops 

What are Electric Pitbikes?

Electric Pitbikes are similar to the Petrol Pit Bikes, except the petrol motor has been replaced by a battery and electric motor.

What is an Ebox?

An Ebox is an Electric Pitbike by WPB Racing, it is a good example of a type of Pitbike that has been adapted for use in an environmentally friendly way, an Ebox produces less noise and does not burn fossil fuels at the location of its use. These Electric PitBikes are regarded as the affordable and sustainable future of Motorsport.

What is a WPB Beast?

A WPB Beast is one of the largest Pitbikes, both in its size of frame and its engine size available in Europe. The WPB Beast has a 190cc engine and a Unique TB-3 geometry frame.

What Is or Who Is WPB?

WPB is Welsh Pit Bikes an International Motorsports Brand that produces Pitbikes Electric Pitbikes, Quads Quadbikes and Parts

What is a WPB Boyo ?

A WPB Boyo is a type of Pit Bike Produced by WPB it has its basis as a smaller Pit Bike used by adults and younger riders. It is similar to a Honda CRF50 in that it uses a similar plastics body, however the WPB Boyo frame and wheels are bigger than a Honda.

What Is a STOMP?

STOMP is an International Motorsports Brand that produces Pitbikes Electric Pitbikes, Quads Quadbikes and Parts.

What is a Thumpstar?

Thumpstar is an International Motorsports Brand that produces Pitbikes.

Can I make my Pitbike Road Legal?

Yes you can make certain types of Pitbike Road legal, you should take advice from a Supplier of Bikes such as WPB before you consider such a conversion. WPB Race ,WPB Beast Stomp and Thumpstar bikes have been made Road Legal as Enduro Bike Registrations at the DVLA in UK


What Pit Bike is an important question, you really need to speak to the experts at WPB

Can I Make My Off Road Quad Road Legal?

Yes is the short answer, there are a number of ways you can do this.

The first is to submit an Off Road Quad for an MSVA test. This is to replace the Type Approval that may not apply to your Quad Bike.

The second is to apply for an Agricultural use of our Off Road Quad Bike.

Agricultural Quad Bikes

An agricultural quadricycle (quad) is a light 4-wheeled vehicle intended for off-road use. It must be registered with DVLA as an agricultural vehicle and be used as a working vehicle for farming, forestry or similar purposes.

You are allowed to use an agricultural quad on the public road for short distances as long as it is registered for road use, has a number plate and complies with the relevant lighting and construction requirements.

Lighting requirements

If you use an agricultural quad on the public road between sunrise and sunset you are not required to fit a lamp or reflector. However, you will be required to make hand signals to indicate slowing down or change of direction.

To use your agricultural quad during the night it must be fitted with the full complement of lighting, for example:

If your quad was first used on or after 1 April 1986, the types of lamp it requires are determined by the maximum speed of the vehicle, as shown in the table below:

Lamp requirements for different types of quad

Maximum speed

Types of lamp required to be fitted

Any speed

Front position lamp (white) Rear position lamp (red) Rear retro-reflector (red) - must be non-triangular Number plate lamp 

>15 miles per hour (mph)

As above and also: Dipped-beam headlamp (white) Front and rear direction indicators (amber)* Also, there must be a switch to operate all 4 flashing together - as a hazard warning device


All of the above and also: Main-beam headlamp (white) Rear fog lamp (red) Stop lamp (red)


All of the above and also: Dim-dip device or running lamp (unless the vehicle conforms to European requirements)

*Front and rear direction indicators are not required if the unladen mass of the quad is less than 255 kilograms

Additional features and rules for agricultural quads

If your agricultural quad is capable of speeds exceeding 20mph then you are required to fit a speedometer and a horn.

You are not allowed to carry any passengers on an agricultural quad.

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Does My Quad Need an MOT ?

A NEW Stomp Kayo quad that is taxed as an ATV may not require an MOT. However, we strongly suggest that your Quad is inspected and confirmed that it is assembled to a roadworthy condition, they must still be registered, licensed, and you are still required to have third party insurance.

Stomp Kayo Quad bikes that are more than three years old must have a valid MOT.

The Road Vehicles Regulations 1986 and Road Vehicles (lighting) Regulations 1989 have many guidelines and regs which state that you must:

Different lighting requirements are needed depending on the speed of the vehicle. It’s important to refer to the 1989 regulations to confirm these, we have discussed these requirements in a question above.