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The all new Thumpstar range is making big waves in the pit bike world, pushing the boundaries for WHAT PIT BIKES should be, the 2022 range all come with 17/14 wheels and a seat height of 88cm, The Thumpstar is for the pit bike rider who wants the feel of a bigger bike.

Thumpstar 190 Beast Engine


18hp Dyno & Race Tested Latest Generation Engine
28mm Molkt Type Race Carb with 2 stage race foam filter
Big Valve High lift factory fitted Race camshaft
1N2345 gearbox
Electric Start Race CDI
High Capacity Race Ignition coil
Radiator Style Oil Cooler

Thumpstar 190 Beast Brake and Clutch Levers and Bars


Foldback Levers
Soft Black SuperGrip Bar Grips
Foldback Gear Shifter
ALLOY Triple Clamps
WPB Race Specification Rear Brake Foot Pedal

Thumpstar 190 Beast Engine Parts


Exclusive Race Engineered Race Geometry Frames
WPB TB3-Triple Beam with Cradle and Perimetermounting of Engine
High Impact Lightweight Sumpguard
Revised Frame Top Engine Hangers
Revised Integral Frame Foot Pegs Mounts

Thumpstar 190 Beast Suspension Parts


New 325mm 1000lbs Nitrogen filled rear shock
New 790mm Upside Down Forks
SuperSwing Frames/Swingarms to take wheel upgrades
Replaceable Steel SuperShock Shock Pivot Bearings
Gullwing Rear Swingarm

Thumpstar 190 Beast Forks Tank Plastics


Titanium Alloy Minibike Pro Taper style Fatbars
Foldback Levers
Soft Black SuperGrip Bar Grips
Foldback Gear Shifter
ALLOY Triple Clamps
Low Rise FAT Bar style ClampsBIG FAT MX Style Bar PAD

Thumpstar 190 Beast Exhaust


Big Bore straight through exhaust with Spark Arrester
38mm Pipe
Optional Stealth exhaust can available for where quieter riding is required
ALLOY Exhaust Muffler Bracket
Alloy and Aluminium exhaust can anti corrosion
Thumpstar 190 Wheel Tyre Tube

Wheels & Brakes

14" rear 17" front MX Innova Pattern Tyres

SuperStrong and Light Black Steel Rims
SDG pattern SuperStrong Black Painted Hubs

Optional 12-14 Wheels for the shorter riders
Front and Rear Wavey Discs

Thumpstar 190 Chain Sprocket Brake Pads

Chains & Sprockets

KMC 428 Chain
41 tooth rear sprocket
15t front sprocket
Wrap around SuperSlide Swingarm Chain Sliders

Swingarm Chain to sprocket guide

Alloy Block Chain Adjusters

Thumpstar 190 parts
Thumpstar 190 Spares