WPB 110 BOYO Semi Auto


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The WPB 110cc Boyo Range of Bikes are the UK's Biggest selling Bikes, they offer the Best Value for Money and the Quality and attention to detail is the same as bikes costing twice as much. The WPB Boyo may be LOW PRICED but you will find it shares many of the critical components of the more expensive Bikes. WPB have not cut corners to produce a Bike at an Unbeatable price. 

The WPB 110 Boyo Semi Auto is ideal for those Younger riders who may be a little "too big" for the Stomp Juicebox bikes, the engines are the same in both these bikes, but the larger WPB 110 Boyo frame allows for more rider growth. So if you think your rider is ambitious then why not make that leap to the WPB 110 Boyo Semi Auto ? The Semi Auto engine allows the rider to move off gradually, needing no clutch control and there is no risk of stalling, therefore leaving the riders time and space to gain confidence and with that confidence change up and down gears with no clutch control required. 

The WPB 110cc Boyo Range has proved its worth with 1000's of Sales in the UK and Worldwide. Spares are Cheaply and readily available from our well stocked warehouses. The WPB Boyo is the longest continuously selling Pitbike model EVER in the UK.

WPB 110 Boyo Semi Auto Review

The WPB 110cc Boyo is an ALLROUND bike and is equally suitable for New Young Riders and Adults. The WPB 110cc Boyo will easily accommodate adult riders and is an ideal starter bike that can be upgraded when needed.

Boyo What does it mean? Boyo is an adaption of Boy and is friendly term used when talking to your mates..... "Hey Boyo ! Thats a Lush Looking Bike you have there! 


WPB 110 BOYO's are now fitted with the New Style MONTANA  TS Plastics, a New and Exclusive Modern upgrade to the older CRF50 style plastic. The MONTANA  TS shape is much chunkier than the older CRF50 style with a much improved full size front number board, also chunkier Tank Shroads for better engine and carb protection and Improved Front and Rear Mudguards for better engine and rider protection from mud and water.

MONTANA  TS.. a Style Designed Copyrighted and Available Exclusively from WPB


SR 110cc High Output 4 Speed N1234 Semi Auto Gearbox

Kehin Of Japan Carb

Foam Race Air Filter

WPB Engraved Engine Side Cases

Capacitive Discharge Ignition for Max Tuning

WPB Racing Hi-Cam Camshaft Design

Exclusive Shot Blast Alloy Engine finish


Fixed reach Brake and No Clutch Lever 

Change Gear without clutch

FoldBack Gear Shifter lever 

All Up Transmissions No False Neutrals

Adjustable Throttle cable settings 


Traditional Honda Crf50 Size and Style

Standard Forks and Adjustable Height Alloy Clamps

High Capacity 1000lbs Rear WPB MonoShock

Exclusive WPB STOMP

WPB Hi-Torsional Strength MX SwingArm

Exclusive WPB STOMP WPB TB-2 Twin Beam Frame

Foldback Steel High Grip low Profile FootPegs


High Capacity 1000lbs Rear WPB MonoShock

Adjustable Preload Rear Shock

Standard Forks with adjustable ride height in the fork clamps. Factory set to Low Level but raised for bigger riders


5mm Steel Tubed Bars

With Black Powder Coating

Renthal Style Grey HighGrip Soft Grips

BMX Style

reinforcing crossbar

with pad and WPB

removable cover


Max Performance RACE Can for Max Power

Yet Still Quiet allowing more Freedom to Ride in

more places.

Optional Oval Stealth Muffler for even Quieter riding.

Heat Shielding along length of pipe.

Rubber end can Vibration Absorbing strap.

Wheels & Brakes

The Same High Quality

as fitted to all

Stomp Demon and WPB Bikes

14/12 Inch Wheels

Innova Pattern Tyres for an allround 

Grip and Performance

Allround Sealed Bearings

Matt Black Powder coated Rims

Chains & Sprockets

HSK Racing Brakes on Front and Rear Disc

KMC Chain

Hi Performance LockTab Rear Sprocket

Fully Sealed Hydraulic Disc Brakes Front and Rear

New High Performance Disc Pads

Round Vented Discs

Steel Braided Hose Lines